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25 May 2009 @ 12:57 am
Episode Discussion - Week Seven: Mia & April  

Episode Synopsis:
Mia: Mia's plan doesn't work to trap Paul so she has to re-evaluate everything.

April: Paul is told some news by April which prompts him to ask her about her anger issues.

Post your thoughts, reactions and general squeeing about the episode here.
Caelecaele on May 25th, 2009 05:22 pm (UTC)
Hurrah to the Sophie mention! If Paul needed proof that what he's doing is worth it, and that he's doing good work, it was great to have Sophie pop up - especially in relation to a character so often compared to Sophie in the early episodes (though Mia ended up more Sophie-esque issues-wise).

Mia, I'm happy to say, has grown on me immensely. Her humour, her sadness, just her life, has been so great to look into. I don't know if there's enough there to sustain a whole nother seasion, and I think the end here is just implying that Paul will continue working with her offscreen as she gets better, but I wouldn't mind Hope Davis returning for (fingers crossed!) season three.

April ended very nicely. I'm happy to see her cancer looking treatable and, even if she's not 100% healthy, April's in a much better place than back in 2x02. Alison Pill is amazing, and this story has beebn so great; it ended in a good place. Still bemoaning the short run, though, as both these characters' arcs seemed to close too early, even though I loved the endings.
cjelcjel on May 26th, 2009 12:29 am (UTC)
Mia hasn't been my favourite character by any means, but she's had some good, interesting sessions and I fully agreed with her assessment that this was one of them. I love the intensity that Paul brought to his pitch to show her that she isn't hopeless and that her time with him has been worth it and could continue to be.

Again I was impressed with Paul's professionalism this season in how in this case he handled Mia's seduction bit. Usually, I take issue with shows that transform their main character between the first and second seasons (House, I'm looking at you) from sympathic and endearingly flawed to in control and less vulnerable, but in this case it's been very good to see Paul more in control in his professional dealings and still have that window into his difficulties in the few moments of personal life we've glimpsed and in his sessions with Gina.

Not much more to say on specifics, but it was a really captivating episode for me and a great note to end on. Good for Mia for making her proactive decision at the end. Really hope that she's not in a potential season 3 though ;)
cjelcjel on May 26th, 2009 12:46 am (UTC)
It breaks my heart to have characters I like say goodbye, and I wasn't fully prepared when April made her exit at the end of this episode. Like Paul, I think she has a lot more to gain from continuing therapy and it was painful to watch him plead his case with her so fervently and be shut down. From her message at the start of the episode I had considered whether the chemo wasn't working and if that would be a more dramatic and preferable end to her arc this season... I'm still not sure if I would've preferred that. Yeah, it's great that she's going to keep fighting and live and maybe even see another therapist later, but it feels like just as poignant a loss to me as if the alternative had been the case - fortunately Paul, unlike me, knows how to let go ;)

Very sweet of him to give April that hat - I like to think it's his way of maintaining their connection even though he won't see her again, and I know Paul has shown much fatherly emotion for April during their time so I applaud his making the best of their goodbye. I'm still sad about it though and wish I had more episodes to go through to take the edge off. Though there's no guarantee the rest of the week will be any less heart-wrenching ;)

Also, it looks like the theme of the week is a very obvious one of making the best of being derailed and trying to see it as an opportunity to take a new and brighter path. Mia losing her father, April having to take a new route after making it through and past the chemo... Oliver dealing not only with the split of his parents but also losing his home (potentially) in the process, Walter facing the rest of his life post-job and post-suicide attempt, and, worryingly, what Paul is going to do if his climactic turning point is in giving that letter of confession to Alex's father and very possibly losing his practice or, alternatively, going to his hearing and facing the outcome.

Anyway, sad episode for me but I guess I'll wish April well. And thank her for mentioning Sophie, which brightened my day. Good acting by Gabriel Byrne - the dropped guard for a moment during the emotive pause before summoning his therapist confidentiality line was fantastic and his smile and thanks for April's mention of Sophie was nice too :)

Bye April, and good luck.
I put the F-U in fun!withbutterflies on May 26th, 2009 08:19 am (UTC)
Count me as another who got excited by a reference to Sophie. So far she is my favorite character, and it perked me up to hear her mentioned as doing well.

Mia is a bit of a struggle for me since I feel like she's her own worst enemy. Having said that, I think most of us fall into that category, but it's especially hard to watch her since she's so smart and driven in other ways. It seems as if she wants to revel in this misery she finds herself in.

I hope this isn't the last of April. I've gotten to really like her.
Annie Van Helsing: QUOTEwingsopinionsannievh on July 15th, 2009 01:01 am (UTC)
One more excited about the Sophie mention!!

Great couple of episodes.

I too don't really care for Mia, but I must say, that actress is SO good, and I liked her ending - except the "You work defending your daddy every day", which sounded just riddiculous to me.

As for April - it's funny. I really thought she was going to die. Nope, she's gonna live her full life.