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20 May 2009 @ 07:19 pm
Favorite Characters  
So now that we're really into this season, which character is your favorite?

I dunno...I'm not feeling any of the characters. I'm hoping it will improve.
rangergirlrangergirl on May 23rd, 2009 09:57 pm (UTC)
Walter and April for me, definitely. Walter's arc, as someone else mentioned upthread, has really been fascinating, and the most emotionally rewarding for me by a long shot. And I find it interesting that he's so similar to last season's Alex in a lot of ways - the highly-controlled personality, the unrealistic standards he sets himself, the all-business attitude he took with Paul in the initial weeks, even the emerging sense of guilt for having caused the death of several children in the 'line of duty', it's all there. In both cases Paul pushed them to acknowledge a terribly vulnerable side of themselves which they'd all but entirely repressed, and (at least in Alex Sr's eyes, and I think to some extent Paul's too) that revelation is what killed Alex, because he couldn't reconcile these two sides of himself, and was too used to his old mindset to be able to cope with the pain when he finally acknowledged it. So Paul's reactions to Wlater are all the more interesting because I think there's a sense that if he can save Walter he will be absolved of some portion of his guilt with regard to Alex, and perhaps also his disillusion with the whole profession.

And April...I find her story at times almost too depressing to watch, but Allison Pill just makes that situation so painfully real that it's kind of impossible to look away.

Mia and Oliver definitely haven't grabbed me as much, although I really felt for both of them this week, and almost had a tear in my eye when Oliver asked Paul if he could live with him. I really wish they'd stuck with the plot in the original series and had it be Jake and Amy's frequently referenced son who was in therapy with Paul this season. I'm in the minority of people who really loved every minute of their sessions, anyway, and they'd certainly be less galling than the infuriating (and kind of cliched) Bess and Luke.